Grate Guy's Casino is a location in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is run by Grate Guy, a former boss that Mario and his party fought.


Grate Guy's Casino is mainly a small room resembling rooms from Booster Tower.

Getting into the Casino

In order to reach Grate Guy's Casino, Mario must first have the Bright Card from Knife Guy who is still back at Booster Tower. Then, Mario must head into the pipe area (the area before where the Megasmilax was fought) and defeat the Chain Chomp. Then, he must jump three times in order to make an invisible platform appear. Mario then has access to Grate Guy's Casino.


  • Treasure Slots: Mario can bet some coins and stop the treasure chest three times to match up the same symbols. If he is successful, he is awarded with a Frog Coin.
  • Blackjack: Mario must play this game and try to get to 21 or closest without going over to win.
  • Look the Other Way: This game is hosted by Grate Guy himself. Mario must look one way and if Grate Guy is pointing the other way, Mario wins. If Mario wins this game a total of 100 times, he is awarded with the Star Egg.
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