Grand Tail Goomba is the larger version of the smaller Tail Goomba. It is the same as a regular Grand Goomba, but possesses the powers of having a Super Leaf.


Super Mario 3D Land

Grand Tail Goomba first and so far only appears in the game Super Mario 3D Land.

In the game, this foe can attack Mario or Luigi with its tail by swaying it. It first floats in midair and then lands down and sways its tail. The distance varies though. As they are larger, their tail swings more far. Because their size has to fit inside the 3DS screen in this game, their size had been cut down to be a little more tall than a regular Goomba or a Tail Goomba.

Their appearance in the game first is in the first level where only a single one of these foes appear. Many more appear in World 5-5.

Similar enemies called Big Tail Goombas appear in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are only fought in Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle and they mainly attack by diving down at Mario.

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