Grabbin' Gold is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 8.


The characters are located in an arcade full of various games. In the background there are Koopas and Goombas playing the various games. One Koopa can be seen in the background trying to capture a stuffed Goomba in a game that is similar to the Crane Game. The characters will participate in a game where they must capture coins using a basket. The solo character works their own machine and has a bigger basket, while the team of three will have smaller baskets. The objective of the mini-game is for the characters to move their baskets to catch the falling coins. They can capture the coins by placing the basket towards the direction they are falling. There will also be various Spinies falling from the top of the machine at the same time. If a player captures a Spiny in their basket, they will be stunned and unable to capture coins for a brief moment. The total number of coins collected will be added to the character's score at the end of the mini-game.

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