Gourmet Guy is a Shy Guy that is only seen in Paper Mario.


Gourmet Guy is an extremely large and fat Shy Guy. He also appears to be purple in color. He wears a black and white belt and is also always seen carrying a fork and a knife. He also wears a white cloth on his chest.


Gourmet Guy is first seen in Chapter 4 inside Shy Guy's Toy Box. He is blocking a path that Mario needs to get past in order to proceed in his quest. Gourmet Guy is hungry and wants Mario to give him food. However, he doesn't accept anything but a Cake baked by Tayce T. which makes him run around with joy leaving the pathway now accessible (he also drops a Cookbook which can be given to Tayce T.).

Gourmet Guy is seen for the final time in Princess Peach's Castle during Princess Peach's intermission right after Mario defeats General Guy. He thinks about turning in Peach into Bowser but he is once again hungry and asks Peach to cook him some food. He gives Peach the Key to downstairs where she can enter the Kitchen. After tasting Peach's cake, Gourmet Guy runs around the room super satisfied. He then tells Peach to tell Mario that the next Star Spirit is on Lavalava Island where it is being guarded by the Lava Piranha. He admits that he doesn't really hate Mario (probably since Mario fed him a Cake earlier) and walks off never to be seen again.

However, Gourmet Guy is seen in the parade at the end of the game where he is walking behind Huff N. Puff and two Ruff Puffs in front of the Fearsome 5. The Fearsome 5 eats Gourmet Guy's fork and knife, and some of Huff n' Puff and the Tuff Puffs making them smaller than runs off. Unfortunately for the Puffs, Gourmet Guy is once again hungry, spawns another fork and knife, and then chases the Puffs off.