Goompapa is a character from Paper Mario.


A male Goomba, Goompapa is the leader of the Goomba Family in Goomba Village. He has two children, Goombaria and Goombario, the latter of which joins Mario as a party member.

uring the events prior to the game, the gate to Goomba Road was locked shut. When Mario arrives in the village, Goompapa is in distress over the gate being locked.

Goompapa is also involved in one of Koopa Koot's many favors which Goompapa had a Tape that Koopa Koot wanted back.


In a similar manner to how Goombario's name is a portmanteau of "Goomba" and "Mario", Goompapa's name would appear to be a combination of "Goomba" and the term "Papa," another word for "father."

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