"That's Goomfrey the Goomba. He looks kind of shady, I guess, but he's cool. People call him a "fixer." Y'know, a guy that can make any problem... just go away."
― Goomfrey's tattle

Goomfrey is a 30-year-old[1] Goomba who lives in Rogueport very close to Professor Frankly's house in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


He is known around the village for "eliminating problems." As far as Mario is concerned, however, all he actually does is dispose of some old Battle Trunks that Mario picked up in the Glitz Pit. However, he's also known for being quite shady, and this is proved later on in the story when an issue of the Rogueport Direct Mail Service states that he attacked the Pianta Exchanger at the Pianta Parlor in anger, resulting in the parlor temporarily closing down.


  • Goomfrey is the only Goomba in the game with a confirmed age.


  1. On an issue of RDM, Goomfrey's age is revealed

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