Superstar Saga Enemy
Goomdiver MLSS
Location(s) Oho Ocean Seabed, Gwarhar Lagoon
Level 19
HP 30
POW 52 (44)
Defense 70 (45)
Speed 40
Experience 25
Coins 8
Item Drop Super Mushroom – 9.68%
Ultra Mushroom – 6.45% (9.68%)
Fire Normal
Thunder Normal
Jump Normal
Hammer Normal
Hand? Normal
Stun? 30%
Burn? 0%
Stat Down? 100%
  • Stats in the parentheses are from the Japanese version and differ from American and European versions.
  • Stats in gray are found in the game's coding and unavailable during the "normal" gameplay.

Goomdivers are enemies that debuted in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga/Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

They are found in the Oho Oasis and Gwarhar Lagoon. In the overworld, they drop down, stomping to target the Bros. In battle, they float around and tackle the Bros. while they must counterattack with the hammer.

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