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Goombrats are a subspecies of Goombas that first appear in New Super Mario Bros. U. They are short, are lighter brown, and resemble persimmons more than mushrooms. They have wider eyes in a scowl instead of eyebrows, and the black stems on their head are similar to tomato leaves. They also turn when they reach edges, which is similar to the behavior of red Koopa Troopas. The enemy's name is a composition of "Goomba" and "brat." Additionally, their teeth point down and have a curved shape, while regular Goombas' teeth point up and are sharp. The teeth look similar to how Goomba teeth do in Super Mario Bros. 3.This very cute little animal always walk looking at the floor with his head down a little.


Super Mario series

New Super Mario Bros. U/ New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Goombrats make their first appearance in the Wii U game, New Super Mario Bros. U where they behave exactly like regular Goombas, except that they turn at edges similar to the behaviour of red Koopa Troopas. They are quite rare in the game however, only appearing in Mushroom Heights in Acorn Plains, though they also appear in the Challenge Mode level, The Goombrat Stomp.

New Super Luigi U

Goombrats reappear in the game's expansion pack, New Super Luigi U, they are significantly more common then they were in New Super Mario Bros. U and behave exactly the same as in the previous game.

Super Mario Run

Goombrats appear in the version 3.0.4 update in Super Mario Run, where they appear in the levels Scuttlebug Forest and Spike Bar Jungle. In Scuttlebug Forest, one can be seen with a Super Mushroom on its head. A few other Goombrats glow in a yellow tone, and stomping them will release more coins than usual. A large variety also appears in some special remix courses in the Remix 10 mode.

Super Mario Maker 2

Goombrats appear in all graphic styles (except Super Mario World, where they are replaced by Goombuds and Super Mario 3D World, where they do not exist) where they act as an alternate enemy to Goombas. They act the same as they do in New Super Mario Bros. U. Like any enemy, they can be turned giant, gain wings and/or a parachute.

Mario Party series

Mario Party 10

Goombrats reappear in Mario Party 10, seen in some minigames alongside Goombas and Galoombas.

Mario Party: Star Rush

Goombrats also appear in Mario Party: Star Rush in some of the game's minigames.