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Goomboss Battle is a level featured only in Super Mario 64 DS. The level itself takes place in a dark forest with many stumps to traverse along. There is also heaps of Toxic Gas which must be avoided, this is apparently the domain of the Goombas.

This location is where Yoshi goes and tries to save Mario from his capture. This level has many pools of poisonous liquid that can end up dealing heavy damage. At the top of the giant stump, is an entrance to the local where Goomboss awaits.

Upon reaching this area, Yoshi and Goomboss enter a deadly battle and after defeating him, Yoshi saves Mario. This allows the player to use Mario throughout the game.


When the battle begins, Goomboss will spawn 3 Goombas which follow him as he circles the arena. You will need to swallow one of the Goombas and either spit them back out at Goomboss or turn it into an egg and toss the egg at Goomboss. After this, Goomboss will grow bigger and spawn more Goombas which follow him as he stomps around the arena. Repeat the process and Goomboss will grow much bigger spawning more Goombas. He is now faster and chases after you, once again swallow one of his underlings and spit them (or toss them) back at him. After this, Goomboss will explode and give up the key.

When fighting him as Mario, Luigi, or Wario, Goomboss will also spawn Goombas in front of him. For this battle, you will need to punch one of the Goombas at Goomboss to do damage, with this method the fight is easier.


There are 2 Stars located in this course and they are listed below.

8 Red Coins

There are 8 Red Coins scattered around this course. You will need all 4 characters unlocked (as well as the ? Blocks activated) to get them all, the locations are listed below.

  1. Along the path is a climbing net suspended above the Toxic Gas. The Red Coin is underneath it, climb the grates to grab the Red Coin.
  2. West of the course is a lone stump with a Black Box, Wario is required for this Red Coin, jump across the moving platforms and break open the black box to reveal the Red Coin.
  3. East of the course is a square plateau with a gray platform in the middle, the Red Coin is above the gray platform.
  4. Atop the tallest stump near the Star Switch. As Mario, grab a Power Flower and float to the top of the Stump to grab the Red Coin.
  5. This Red Coin is located behind a mesh cage within a niche inside the stump. Luigi's invisibility is required to reach this Red Coin. Grab a Power Flower and jump up to the mesh cage and grab the Red Coin inside. If the invisibility runs out while you're still inside the cage, hit the ? Block inside to grab another Power Flower to phase through the mesh bars.
  6. On the path to Goomboss, climb the vine and then go towards the stump plank. The Red Coin is at the end in the air, jump to grab it.
  7. Head east of the vine to Goomboss's lair, there is a stump that rises and falls highly and quickly. Jump on it and rise with the stump to grab the Red Coin.
  8. East of the first and second Red Coins is a series of rising and falling stumps. At the end is an idle stump where the final Red Coin is guarded by a Piranha Plant. Avoid (or defeat) the Piranha Plant and grab the Red Coin.

After all 8 Red Coins have been collected, the Star will appear just south of the stumps where the 8th Red Coin is located.

Star Switch

You will need Mario for this Star. The Star Switch is located east of the course's starting point. Run right and then down (whilst traversing the gray platforms and avoiding the Piranha Plant) and hit the Star Switch there and quickly run for the mesh cage. Preform a series of wall jumps to reach the top ledge where the Star is located.

Enemies Encountered


  • In Super Mario 64 DS, this course introduced elements that would later go on to be used in later courses such as the Toxic Gas in Hazy Maze Cave and the gray tipping platforms in Lethal Lava Land. Additionally, the course's music is the same as Hazy Maze Cave's.


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