"'re so lucky! Princess-rescuing is so cool! I really want to be an adventurer, too, someday!"
― Goombario

Goombario is a character from Paper Mario. He is a friendly Goomba who helps Mario during his adventure by giving him multiple information concerning his mission, other characters, and places. Mario encounters him in Goomba Village, where the Goomba family and a Toad running a Toad House lives. Goombario is Mario's first partner in the game.


All Mario's partners in the game can attack. Goombario has four attacks: stomping enemies, tattling characters whom Mario is fighting against (like the number of HP it has, this information is kept during the rest of the game for future battles against the same characters), charge for an even more powerful attack that will be used the next turn, his last attack being a jump that has more power than the first attack and can do it multiple times. Goombario's tattle ability can also be used to describe locations, friendly characters and battles. To unlock the two lasts attacks, you must find a Super Block. This block can unlock a new attack for any of your partners.



Goombario is brave, headstrong and friendly and Mario is his idol. He dislikes sewers, deserts and Arctic areas, and seems to have a sibling rivalry with Goombaria, his younger sister. He also has a friendly rivalry with the second partner, Kooper, for example saying the Duplighost Kooper's scarf looks more fashionable. His grandfather Goompa taught him everything he knows.


Goombario is a portmanteau of the names "Goomba" and "Mario".


Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
Headbonk Headbonk Normal Rank Attacks an enemy for normal damage. 0
TattlePM Tattle Normal Rank Views enemy's statistics. 0
ChargeGoombario Charge Super Rank Raises attack power by 1 for the next turn. 1
Multibonk Multibonk Ultra Rank Attacks a single enemy multiple times in a row. 3


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