Goombaria is a character from Paper Mario.


Goombaria is a member of the Goomba Family and is Goombario's younger sister. She discovers Mario's unconscious body in Goomba Village after his initial defeat by Bowser and the Star Rod. After telling her family of him, Mario is taken to a Toad House to recover.

During the events prior to the game, Goombaria lost her Dolly. If Mario returns the doll to her, he is rewarded with a Star Piece and a kiss.

After Mario and Goompa return to the village, Goombario sates he would like to travel with Mario. Goombaria then complains that he Goombario gets to have all the fun. While she tries to get Goombario in trouble, it is shown that deep down she loves him.


In a similar manner to how Goombario's name is a portmanteau of "Goomba" and "Mario," Goombaria's name would appear to be a combination of "Goomba" and the name "Maria." It may also, however, simply be a more feminine-sounding variation of Goombario's name.

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