For Goomba Village minigame in Mario Party 9, see Goomba Village (Mini-game).

Goomba Village is a village inhabited by the Goombas in Paper Mario.


It is the first major location Mario visits in this game. After being knocked out of castle in the sky. It is only populated by a family of Goombas and a Toad who runs the Toad House.

Mario can get Goomnuts here by hitting the tree with a Hammer. This is also the location where Mario gets his hammer.

The village acts as the tutorial for the game, as Mario learns about battles, items, badges, and various other information.

Mario can also take a blue Warp Pipe that is located in Toad Town Tunnels to reach Goomba Village faster and easier.



Image Name Notes
Goombario Goombario One of the youngest of the Goomba Family. Joins Mario's team.
Goombaria Goombaria Younger sister of Goombario. Her doll can be given to her for a Star Piece.
Goompapa Goompapa The leader of the Goomba Family. Fixes gate for Mario so he can leave the village.
Goomama Goomama Wife of Goompapa and mother of Goombario and Goombaria.
Goompa Goompa The eldest of the Goomba Family. Gives Mario the hammer and teaches him battle mechanics.
Gooma Gooma Wife of Goompa.
ToadPM Toad House Keeper The keeper of the Toad House in Goomba Village. First person to greet Mario when he wakes up.


Image Name Notes
Goomnut Goomnut Found in the Goomnut Tree near the exit to Goomba Village.
Star Piece Star Piece Given as a reward for returning Goombaria's doll to her.


Goomba Village Theme

106-goomba village theme mp3 MP3 - Paper Mario Ori


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