"This is the Goomba King. He's really big. I mean, look at him! He looks really powerful.
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
He's the boss of Red Goomba and Blue Goomba. Who cares if he's strong? You're much stronger. Gee, I wonder what he ate to become so big? I'd like to be a bit bigger, too.

 Goomba King is the first major boss in the game Paper Mario.


The Goomba King is a large, orange Goomba wears clothing that is red and white in color and has a large crown on his head.


At some point before Mario gets to Goomba Fortress, the Goomba King met up with Bowser and was made larger in size (presumably to stop Mario on his quest). Later, the Goomba King makes his appearance before Mario and Goombario after the two defeated his minions, the Red and Blue Goombas. The Goomba King with his two cohorts engage Mario and Goombario in battle, but were defeated. However, the Goomba King and the Red and Blue Goombas retreat into their fortress believing they can still stop Mario's progress. Unfortunately for them, one of the Goombas left a switch outside that will lower the bridge and destroy the fortress in the process. The Goomba King tries to tell Mario not to press the switch when he sees it but was too late and was sent flying into the background. Kammy Koopa is secretly observing the battle. She reports back to Bowser, who is furious at the defeat.

In the ending parade of Paper Mario, Red and Blue Goomba are trying to get the Goomba King out of a tree. He then falls out, and dizzily wobbles off the screen, followed by the Goomba Bros.


In battle, the Goomba King is aided by the Red and Blue Goombas. The Goomba King himself attacks either by kicking Mario or hitting the Goomnut tree dealing 2 points of damage to Mario.


Goombario himself states that it is recommended to take down the Red and Blue Goombas first since they are weakened from their fight earlier. The Red and Blue Goombas only have 1 HP each, but the fastest way to take them out is to attack the Goomnut tree which sends a large Goomnut dealing damage to not only the Goomba King but the Red and Blue Goombas as well taking them out instantly. The Goomba King himself only has 10 HP and will go down in no time to Power Jumps.


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