The Goomba Family is a small family of goombas that live in the Goomba Village just west of Toad Town during the events of Paper Mario. They aid Mario at the beginning of his quest by providing him with a Hammer and his first partner in the game, Goombario.

Family Members


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Goompa is Goombario's grandfather. Now old and with a bad back, Goompa used to travel the world with Koopa Koot and Bootler, he learned many things on his travels about the world. He passed this knowledge onto Goombario. He is married to Gooma. He first appears repairing the veranda round the back of the Goomba house with a hammer. However, the veranda breaks, and when Mario comes to get the hammer, Mario finds the veranda has fallen down the cliff, and falls down as well. When Mario finds the hammer in the forest below, Goompa "joins" his party, and tells Mario how to fight and to use the battle system in the fight against Jr. Troopa. When they get back to the village, Goompa recommends Goombario joins Mario. It is strongly hinted he trained The Master.


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Goompapa is the father of Goombario and Goombaria. He is the wife to Goomama and the son to Goompa and Gooma. He is found in distress by the gate leading to Goomba Road.


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Gooma is the grandmother of Goombario and Goombaria. She is the wife to Goompa and the mother to Goompapa and Goomama. She is found in the Goomba House.


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Goomama is the mother of Goombario and Goombaria. She is the wife to Goompapa and the daughter to Goompa and Gooma. She is found outside of the Goomba House.


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Goombario is the son of Goomama and Goompapa, as well as the grandson to Gooma and Goompa. After the events in Jr. Troopa's Playground he requests that he join Mario's party. Goombario has the ability to Tattle and let Mario know the stats of an enemy.


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Goombaria is the daughter of Goomama and Goompapa, as well as the granddaughter to Gooma and Goompa. She is the first Goomba Mario encounters during the events of Paper Mario. She finds Mario in the southern part of Goomba Village while he is unconscious. She lost her Dolly during the events prior to the game and if Mario returns the doll to her she rewards him with a Star Piece and a kiss.


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