Goomba Bowling is a Free-for-All mini-game in Mario Party 9.


In this mini-game, players try to knock over as many Goombas as they can. Players need to time their shots carefully, as the Goombas move from side to side. If the player hits every Goomba, they will get 20 points, the perfect score. Getting 20 points will earn the player a strike. Players have 15 seconds to make each shot. There is an Extra Mode version of the mini-game. This version consists of five frames for each player. They get two tries to take out all the Goombas for each frame, and the player with the highest number of points when the mini-game is finished becomes the winner. Bonus Points can be earned if all of the Goombas are taken out, a Strike earns 20 points and a Spare earns 10. It is possible to get a perfect score of 200 if the player gets a strike on every round.

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