Goomba's Booty Boardwalk is a board that appears in Mario Party 8 which is owned by Captain Goomba.


Captain Goomba MP8

The Captain Goomba

It is a long linear board, designed to look like a beach and market inhabited by Goombas and Piantas. The first part is a small market made to look like the market in Island Delfino. The course then goes onto a beach where the player can find multiple shacks with dolphins offering to take the player a certain amount of spaces, and the Candy Craft a floating store selling candy. The path continues past the beach into a mountainous area and finally a large volcano with Captain Goomba and a vast supply of stolen treasure. When the player reaches the end, Captain Goomba will give the player a free star, before they are sent back to start by some seagulls.

In Duel mode

In Duel mode, the following changes have been made.

  • Candy Craft is closed
  • Dolphins will not charge for a ride across the island (rather, they will give you a ride if you land on the corresponding green space)
  • Challenge and VS. spaces have been added
  • Capt. Goomba charges 50 coins for a star
    • If the player can't pay for it, (s)he will roll a coin block, then the captain's crew will launch the player back to start.

Interesting spaces

Green Spaces

Goomba's Booty Boardwalk 3
There are seven total green spaces:
  • Three of which are a Pianta throwing the player forward five to seven spaces on the board.
  • Two of which are a Pianta fishing when he pulls up a candy instead of a fish. He decides to give the candy the player.
  • Another green space involves a complaining pirate Goomba who can't find buried treasure in a large shipwreck. The player goes in and comes out with a chest containing either coins or candy.
  • The final green space is the worst of them all. If the player lands on this, Captain Goomba's crew will launch the player back to start.

Lucky Space

A Dolphin will take the player to a secret sacred island, with five spaces with three coins each and a large treasure chest with a star in it. Upon reaching the chest, two Goomba god statues will demand the player to take the star and go away so they can sleep.

DK and Bowser Space

Goomba's Booty Boardwalk 2

Toad (Who landed on a Bowser space) is getting attacked by Podoboos

For the DK Space, Donkey Kong will suddenly appear on a lifeguard's platform before asking the player for 5 coins. The five coins are placed in a barrel, and if shaken up enough, will multiply into more coins. When a player lands on a Bowser space, however, players will have to jump over Podoboos, who will attack the player 3 times. Each time the player doesn't dodge the attack, they will lose 10 coins.

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