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Goombas (クリボー, Kuriboh) are one of the most common and recurring enemies in the Mario franchise. They have first appeared in Super Mario Bros..


Physical description[]

Goomba model LA Switch

Goomba model in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch

Goombas are depicted as brown mushroom-like creatures with two dark brown feet and no visible arms or legs. Goombas have bushy, black eyebrows and a pair of fangs sprouting from their lower jaw, although are never shown to use them. Goombas take inspiration from the real-world shiitake, a type of mushroom.

In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Goombas are unusually depicted with a smiling face. In pre-release versions of the Nintendo Switch remake, first shown in the February 2019 Nintendo Direct trailer, Goombas are instead shown with their usual Mario design, which was eventually changed to give them a design more closely resembling their sprites from the original The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, including smoother eyebrows.


In the Super Mario series, Goombas simply bump into their target to damage them. Goombas are one of the weakest enemies, as Mario or another character can effortlessly defeat a Goomba using any attack. The most common way of defeating a Goomba is by stomping it, causing the Goomba to be flattened, although throwing a fireball at a Goomba or touching one while invincible is another way to defeat one.


The Goombas once lived in peace in the Mushroom Kingdom, but they later betrayed them and joined the Koopa Troop led by Bowser. The Goombas are also the most common enemies in the entire Mario franchise, followed by Koopa Troopas. In many games, Goombas are the first enemy encountered. Since Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, however, not all Goombas are allied with Bowser or the Koopa Troop. Some Goombas, such as the inhabitants of Goomba Village, live peacefully inside the borders of the Mushroom Kingdom, while others simply hold no allegiance and operate independently in distant locales such as Monstro Town and Rogueport.


Many variants of the Goomba have appeared throughout the years including Paragoombas and Microgoombas. Paragoombas are distinguished by their winged appearance, thus making them more versatile and mobile than typical Goombas. Microgoombas are miniature, parasitic Goombas which latch themselves onto Mario, reducing his jumping ability. Many other types of Goombas have appeared throughout the Mario series, Including short Goombas that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, although these largely vary from game to game. Both Goomba and Paragoomba are playable in Mario Superstar Baseball.


Some Goombas act as friendly characters in the Paper Mario series, two (Goombario and Goombella) even joining Mario on his journey. In the Mario Kart series sometimes Goombas carry mushrooms, in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! when a Goomba is "flattened," they drop a Super Mushroom.


In the video game, Paper Mario, there is a king of the Goombas called the Goomba King who is the first boss of the game. He has two direct underlings named Blue Goomba and Red Goomba and these two are bros. sometimes called the Goomba Bros. After they are defeated they are rocketed hundreds of miles and don't reappear until the ending credits in which the king is stuck in a tree, the Goomba Bros. are running around the tree, hoping he'll fall. The King falls and walks away, angered.

In the 1989 television cartoon The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Goombas are loyal soldiers in King Koopa's army. They often appear in costumes related to the episode's theme such as zombies or pirates. They were featured in the subsequent spin-offs The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.

They also appear in the Super Mario Bros. live-action film, where they were originally inhabitants of Dinohattan who opposed King Koopa's rule, and were de-evolved into large, reptilian monsters as punishment for their disloyalty. Despite having the same name, Goombas in the movie look nothing like the ones in the games. They were portrayed as nine foot tall humanoid dinosaurs with red trench coats and spikes on their shoulders. Although dangerous, they were simple minded and could easily be fooled.


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Game Role Year Console Notes
Super Mario Bros. Enemy 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Enemy 1986 Family Computer Disk System
Super Mario Bros. 3 Enemy 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Mario World Enemy 1990 SNES
Yoshi Game piece 1991 Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up Non-playable character 1992 MS-DOS

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Behind the scenes[]


Goomba's name in Japanese is Kuribo, which translates to "chestnut people," even though Goombas were not inspired from chestnuts.

The word "Goomba" comes from "gomba," the Hungarian word for "mushroom."


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