Goom Goom is a minor character that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a male Goomba that apparently lives on Keelhaul Key.


Goom Goom is only seen if his trouble has been taken on and he is looking for a girl. Goom Goom can be found in the Pirate's Grotto in the room with the barrels. If Mario talks to Goom Goom with Goombella beside him, Goombella will yell at him and Goom Goom is heartbroken. Goom Goom will run away and drop a Couple's Cake as he leaves (most likely intended to share it with his love).


  • Goom Goom is somewhat similar to the Bob-omb that was in love with Bombette from Paper Mario named Bruce. Bruce wouldn't stop exploding until Mario does one of Koopa Koot's favors that involves silencing Bruce and he will stop after getting yelled at by Bombette.
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