Goodstyle is a major character that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. He is a sentient magic wand that assists Wario throughout the game.


Goodstyle originally belonged to Count Cannoli who aided him in his television show: The Silver Zephyr. Wario, wanting all the riches for himself, invents a device and enters the television and right onto the show where Cannoli and Goodstyle were in the middle of their heist. Wario quickly defeats Cannoli and Goodstyle, seeing much more potiental in Wario, joins his side. It is also then where Goodstyle allows Wario to use his disguises. Although Wario is more concerned in becoming rich, Goodstyle is able to keep having Wario help him collect the Wishstone pieces promising even bigger riches in the end.

Once the two reach Allergia Gardens, Goodstyle slowly starts to reveal more of his past urging Wario to defeat Terrormisu after she managed to get the Wishstone. After Wario has defeated her, Goodstyle reveals his true form as a member of the Cannoli clan who wanted to defeat Terrormisu for centuries. Goodstyle himself was too weak to do so which lead to him taking the form of a magic wand to find someone who was strong enough to do so (though he most likely sided with Count Cannoli for being his descendant). Afterwards, Goodstyle disappears and gives all of his treasure to Wario as promised.

Powers and Abilities

Even before being revealed as a powerful wizard, Goodstyle is shown to be very good at magic allowing him to transform anyone he wants into a different form (or rather have them put on a disguise with powers). By eating items known as Guise Gems, he can give more disguises and powers to Wario (except for his basic Thief Wario form). Goodstyle can also levitate at will either in his wand or human form.

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