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Goob is the most common kind of ghost in Luigi's Mansion 3, it is the first kind of ghost fought in the game. They attack, behave, and their voice are similar to the king of ghost Greenie in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Goobs always act mischievous and attack Luigi by punching. They have 100HP.


Goobs are blue ghosts with white eyes and mouth. In the Grand Lobby, there were Goobs disguised into human staffs, they were wearing masks with the Steward. The Goobs show their true form when Luigi enters the Lobby during night. Like Greenies, they sometimes use weapons or clothing to protect themselves, such as mask, shield or sunglasses.

In the game


  1. Mini Goob
  2. Speed Goob
  3. Bomb Goob
  4. Regen Goob
  5. Golden Goob
  6. Gem Goob
  7. Twirling Goob
  8. Agoobis
  9. Sir Goob
  10. Neon Goob
  11. Lethal Goob
  12. Mergoob
  13. Swabbie Goob
  14. Goob the Magnificent
  15. Pantogoob
  16. Skelegoob
  17. Medic Goob
  18. Diffusing Goob


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