Golf is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's the first sports game that Mario participated in.

Although the golfer in this game is referred to as Mario in the western version, he's not considered to be Mario in the Japanese version, as the game Captain Rainbow refers to him as Ossan.


The user must first decide whether to play single stroke play or the two player selections of doubles stroke play or match play. The user is then placed at the tee of the first hole of eighteen. It was the first golf game to feature a power/accuracy bar for swinging the club. The power bar method has been used in most golf games since.


  • Ported to the Family Computer Disk System in 1986 (Japan only).
  • Available for the Classic NES e-Reader series on Game Boy Advance.
  • Available as a fully playable collectible in Animal Crossing.
  • Hudson Soft released a port of the game for the Japan-only NEC PC-8801 in 1985.
  • In the Game Boy version, unlike the NES version, there is some background music and two countries to choose from: Japan and U.S. Also, the style of the player characters are chibi.
  • All courses are different compared to the ones in the NES version. This version has also been remade for the Virtual Console on the Nintendo 3DS system.
  • The nine holes of the golf game in Wii Sports are 3-dimensional versions of the holes in Golf.
    • This is also true of the "Classic" courses for the golf and Frisbee golf games in Wii Sports Resort.
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