The Golden Bananas are the main focus items in the game Donkey Kong 64. They can be found throughout the different worlds in the game. They were all originally stashed in Donkey Kong's horde until King K. Rool begin to take over. There are a total of 201 Golden Bananas in the game and each Kong has 5 Golden Bananas in every level, including DK Isles. The 201st Golden Banana is a bonus and is obtained by capturing every Banana Fairy in the game with the special camera given to Tiny Kong by the Banana Fairy Princess


The Golden Bananas are golden in color and have the Nintendo 64's symbol in the middle.


The main function of the Golden Bananas is to access newer worlds by having the amount of Golden Bananas that B. Locker displays. Collecting all of the Golden Bananas in the game unlocks a special ending.


  • Whenever a Golden Banana is revealed, a voice saying "Ooh, banana!" is always heard and after it has been picked up, a voice saying "Donk-Donk-Donkey Kong!" is heard as well.