Goldbob is a rich, golden Bob-omb who appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He lives with his wife Sylvia and son Bub in Poshley Heights.


Chapter 3

Goldbob is first seen at Glitzville with his family. They were enjoying the fights but became big fans of Mario as The Great Gonzales. In fact, Goldbob, like many others that were at the Glitz Pit refer to Mario as The Great Gonzales instead of his real name.

Chapter 6

He is seen on the Excess Express when Mario visits the train on his way to Poshley Heights. He was getting into an argument with his wife Sylvia on what to get their son for his birthday with Goldbub suggesting expensive. After the train departs at the Poshley Heights station, Goldbob can be found at his home within the town.

Chapter 7

Mario visits Goldbob again in Chapter 7. Here, Mario is looking for General White and Bob-omb's permission to use the cannon in Fahr Outpost. Goldbob asks Mario what he wants to give in order to have permission, which in the end will be all of his coins. Goldbob then sees Mario's generosity and gives Mario his coins back.