This article is on the key item from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. For the common item from New Super Mario Bros. 2, see here.

The Gold Ring is a key item from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Gold Ring, as the name states, is a ring made of gold and has a type of gem on it.


The Gold Ring was one of three things stolen on Day 2 on the Excess Express during the events of Chapter 6. The owner of the Gold Ring is Toodles and the two other items that were stolen were some Shell Earrings and a briefcase. It turns out these items were stolen to get to the Nitro Honey Syrup which is said to create an explosive reaction when mixed with calcium and gold. It later turns out that Doopliss (who was disguised as the famous actor Zip Toad planned to use these items to destroy Mario once and for all. However, he was soon discovered in Mario's cabin thanks to a tip by Ghost T. but Doopliss manages to slip away.