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The Gold Mantis is one of Waluigi's karts in Mario Kart DS. His other karts include the Standard WL and the Zipper. Once Waluigi is unlocked, only he can use the Gold Mantis. However, if the player completes all the 150cc Nitro or Retro Grand Prix cups are completed, Mario and Donkey Kong can use this kart. Once all cups in Mirror Mode have been completed, all other racers can use this kart.


Waluigi in his Gold Mantis.

The kart resembles a gold-colored backhoe, or a construction vehicle, and has an arm that resembles a scoop.

Staff Ghosts

Waluigi in the Gold Mantis is used for the staff ghost for Waluigi Pinball, with an alotted time of 2:23:288.


It's speed is high, but all of its other stats are about average, and its item stat is low.

It shares its speed with Luigi's Poltergust 4000, its weight is equivalent to Mario's Standard MR, Luigi's Standard LG and Donkey Kong's Wildlife, it shares its handling with Mario's Shooting Star and Toad's 4-Wheel Cradle, and it also shares its drift with Mario's Shooting Star. It shares its low items stat with all other characters' lighter karts.

Gold Mantis
Class Medium
Speed 75
Acceleration 65
Weight 29
Handling 60
Drift 59
Items 32


See also:

  • Standard WL, Waluigi's standard kart in Mario Kart DS.
  • Zipper, Waluigi's second Exclusive kart.

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