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The Gold Goomba is an enemy that appears in multiple games. It is simply a Goomba entirely colored gold.


Super Mario Bros. Series

In New Super Mario Bros. 2

If Mario or Luigi touches a Gold Ring, it will turn all regular Goombas into Gold Goombas. You get 5 Coins if you defeat it, and even more for subsequent stomps.

Other Appearances

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Gold Goombas appeared in the Goomba Thumping minigame found in the Pipe Vault. They give 3 points when stomped on, as opposed to the normal Goombas that give 1.

In the Mario Party series

In Mario Party 6

They appeared in the Mini-game Trap Ease Artist alongside a lot of normal Goombas. Successfully capturing them gets you three points in Mario Party 6.

In Mario Party 7

They appeared in the Mini-game Royal Rumpus in Mario Party 7, where you must Ground-Pound as many Goombas as possible. Gold Goombas give 3 points instead of the normal 1 point.

In Mario Party DS

They appeared in the Mini-game Goomba Wrangler in Mario Party DS. They are more erratic than normal Goombas and will give 3 points if caught.

In Mario Party: Island Tour

They appear in the Mini-game Ka Goomba! in Mario Party: Island Tour.

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition

Gold Goombas may rarely show up in most of the Secret levels, as well as World 2-4. Their attack isn't very high, but they normally attack every turn, have a surprising amount of health, and on their first turn will always use "Power Boost", increasing the enemy team's attack power for 99 turns. When defeated, they may either drop a Star Gem or a Grand Light Block containing themselves. As an ally, the Gold Goomba is only Light attribute, but has great stats all around. They have the Super Boost skill, which turns 1 random non-Heart Orb into a Super Orb, and they have the Orb Time Boost awakening, increasing the time you can move orbs by 0.5 seconds per level. After the 2.0 update, the Gold Goomba can now evolve into a 2-Gold Goomba Tower, and then into a 3-Gold Goomba Tower for 4 and 6 Goomba Coins respectively. The towers replace their awakening with Twin Target, increasing attack power when matching 4 Light Orbs together and attacking 2 enemies at once, gain the sub attribute of Light, and changes their skill to Hyper Boost and then Mega Boost, making 2 and 3 Super Orbs respectively, but they do not impact their stats in any meaningful way. They all require a large amount of Gold Mushrooms to Skill Up, and all have a level cap of 99.


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