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The Gold Goomba is an enemy that appears in multiple games. It is simply a Goomba entirely colored gold.


In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Gold Goombas appeared in the Goomba Thumping minigame found in the Pipe Vault.

In the Mario Party series

In Mario Party 6

They appeared in the Mini-game Trap Ease Artist and hitting them gets you three points in Mario Party 6.

In Mario Party 7

They appeared in the Mini-game Royal Rumpus in Mario Party 7.

In Mario Party DS

They appeared in the Mini-game Goomba Wrangler in Mario Party DS.

In Mario Party: Island Tour

They appear in the Mini-game Ka Goomba! in Mario Party: Island Tour.

In New Super Mario Bros. 2

If Mario or Luigi touches a Gold Ring, it will turn all regular Goombas into Gold Goombas. You get 5 Coins if you kill it.


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