Godzilla is a kaiju monster who has been featured as the main protagonist of the Godzilla franchise. He makes his Luigi's Mansion series debut as the boss of the eighth floor, Paranormal Productions, in a twist of adaptational villainy


Godzilla is a giant kaiju monster that has dark green, scaly, skin. Unlike in his protagonistic incarnations, his horns are long and curve forward, whereas in his protagonistic incarnations, they are nonexistent. His nature as a ghost prevents him from having legs. However, he can still fly about.


Luigi's Mansion 3

Godzilla makes his first appearance when Director Morty summons him to fight Luigi as part of a movie he is making. If Luigi wins, Morty will surrender the button he has in his possession. When he makes his entrance, Godzilla starts stomping around before roaring.


Godzilla attacks by breathing fireballs from his mouth. The fireballs vary in their size. The bigger ones are blue and deal more damage to their victim, but Luigi can push them back using his Poltergust G-00 vacuum device. The red ones cannot be pushed back, but can be avoided due to their relatively slow speed. Once his fireballs hit his face three times, the boss shrinks into a Goob. In this form, the boss is vulnerable to being sucked up (His powerful form cannot be vacuumed.). Once his 100 hit point stamina is drained, the boss is defeated. Luigi captures him inside his vacuum device, and Morty, true to his word, gives him an elevator button.


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