Gobblegut is one of the bosses in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He will release a Grand Star upon his initial defeat and a Power Star when his fiery counterpart is fought and defeated again in Battle Belt Galaxy.


Gobblegut attacks by diving into the planet he's on and breaking out from the crust in attempts to ram into Mario. The monster has several bulging red discs across his long body, called bellyache bulges, that act as weak points. Mario has to spin into them in order to deal damage to the Leviathan. After popping six bellyache bulges, Gobbleguts explodes and his Grand Star is released.


  • The Wiggler boss in Super Mario Sunshine acts similarly to Gobblegut, getting angrier and making train whistle nosies every time it gets hit.
  • Gobblegut is similar to Dino Piranha from Super Mario Galaxy due to the fact that they're both fought in World 1 of their respective games and their fire versions are fought later on in World 6.
  • Gobblegut has been said to bear a slight resemblance to Fracktail, the legendary guardian of a Pure Heart and boss in the game Super Paper Mario. Mainly because they're both the first bosses of their respective worlds and are both colossal dragons.
  • Gobblegut resembles a dragon commonly depicted in traditional Chinese art.
  • Gobblegut and its fiery version resemble the dragons from Yoshi's Story. Coincidentally, their colors are the same as well.
  • In the Game Informer magazines, it is said that Gobblegut tries to eat Mario but he actually can't eat him in actual gameplay.
  • The name Gobblegut may have been from the word gobble, meaning to chomp and gut.
  • Gobblegut resembles the ridable dragons from Yoshi's Story.
  • Based on this boss, it was resembled in Dragon Driftway.