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Gobbers are enemies that appear in the game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Their first appearance is in the second mansion, the Haunted Towers. They are considered one of the toughest ghosts to deal with in the game.


Gobbers are very large, yellow, obese ghosts. Their head is a bit smaller compared to the rest of their body. They have white eyes, along with a distinctly visible purple tongue. They have two large flabby arms with very large palms but rather thin spread out fingers.


Gobbers, being the large ghost they are, cannot move very fast and usually stay in one spot during the entire fight with Luigi. They attack mainly by hurling sludge at Luigi. If Luigi gets too close to them, they will bump him away (Dealing damage) with their belly.


Gobbers have a massive 100 HP requiring Luigi to take some time to defeat them. It is recommended to have the Poltergust 5000 upgraded to the second level for better results. Though it's easy to stun these large ghosts with the Strobulb, Luigi must also be careful as while he is sucking up Gobbers.They still tend to hurl sludge at him causing the green ghostbuster to move around while sucking.


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