is a Co-op minigame in Super Mario Party. It originates from "go with the flow".


The camera pans from the inflatable cloud with a inflatable rainbow to the Toad's air balloon.


In the gameplay, the player must hold the Joy-Con horizontally. The player must move the Joy-Con in a circular motion. the faster the player moves it, the stronger the fan blows the hot air balloon vice versa the Toad on the hot air balloon will be pushed further. The players must work together for the Toad to claim balloons. Some balloons are worth one point and grouped balloons are worth three points. The three Toads goes on a hot air balloon for each round until they reach the top.


Depending on the ranking, the players will do their victory or losing animations.


Rank Points
S 180
A 140-79
B 100-139
C 0-99


  • Joy-Con (L) / Joy-Con (R) – Blow fan

In-game description

  • "Pop as many balloons as you can!"
  • "Push Toad with the force of your fans! You have three chances!"
  • "Sometimes three balloons are tied together. If you get them, you get three points!"
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