"I wonder why that savage thing went straight for her and paid us no mind..."
― Tippi, Super Paper Mario Gnaw (known as Growl in the PAL version) is a minor character that appears in Super Paper Mario.


Gnaw is a very large Gnip that is purple in color with green spots all over, It also has yellow and black spikes over the top of its body with its tail being the same color as well.


Gnaw patrols a room in Merlee's Mansion but is tied down at the time. As stated by Tippi, Gnaw is Merlee's favorite pet and actually tries to remove people to protect him (if Gnaw captures one of the heroes, it kicks them outside but only to protect them from Mimi). After the door is unlocked, Gnaw is freed and chases right after Mimi ignoring the heroes (knowing Mimi is the threat that captured it's master). Tippi questions why it is chasing her.

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