Gnarantulas are a type of enemy found in the clouds of Yoshi's Island in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They can only be battled with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi.


When a battle with a Gnarantula, they will start out in a cloud form. Hitting them with an attack will cause their cloud to disappear and reveal a different form. They are revealed to be either green with spikes on top, or red with no spikes. The green Gnarantula has a weakness to fire attacks, while the red Gnarantula has a weakness to ice attacks.

Gnarantulas attack by jumping and falling onto its opponent. This attack can be counterattacked with the Hammer.


  • HP - 30
  • POW - 34 (28)
  • DEF - 23 (24)
  • Speed - 34
  • EXP - 15
  • Coins - 5


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