Gnarantulas are a type of enemy found in the clouds of Yoshi's Island in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They can only be battled with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Gnarantulas earned their name from the terms "gnaw" and "tarantula", despite them resembling ants more closely.


When a battle with a Gnarantula, they will start out in a cloud form. Hitting them with an attack will cause their cloud to disappear and reveal a different form. They are revealed to be either green with spikes on top, or red with no spikes. The green Gnarantula has a weakness to fire attacks, while the red Gnarantula has a weakness to ice attacks.

Gnarantulas attack by jumping and falling onto their opponent. This attack can be counterattacked with the Hammer.


  • HP - 30
  • POW - 34 (28)
  • DEF - 23 (24)
  • Speed - 34
  • EXP - 15
  • Coins - 5