Super Mario RPG Statistics: Glum Reaper
Location(s) The Factory
Health Points (HP) 180
Attack 120
Defense 55
Magic Attack 60
Magic Defense 80
Weaknesses None
Dropped Item Pure Water
Yoshi Cookie Item Pure Water
Bonus Flower ATTACK UP! Flower
Psychopath Message "Comin' through..."
Dropped Coins 3
Experience Points 35

Glum Reaper are ghost-like enemies that appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They resemble Boo Guys and are only encountered in The Factory.


In battle, Glum Reapers are capable of using many strong magical attacks such as Drain Beam and Willy Wisp. They can also use the deadly Scythe that can automatically knock out one of Mario's party.


Glum Reapers, being ghosts, have no weakness, but can be instantly destroyed with Pure Water. Wearing a Safety Badge protects against the one-hit-kill of the Scythe.

Special Attacks


  • The Glum Reaper's name is a pun of the "grim reaper".