Glitzville is a floating city that hovers above Rogueport in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The city is the main setting for Chapter 3.


The city is actually not much of a city at all. It is in a large oval-like shape and is rocketed into the sky, high above Rogueport. This makes the city only accessible via a Cheep-Cheep Blimp. To ride on the blimp, one must have a special ticket and Mario obtains one from the mob boss on the far west side of Rogueport. On the left side of the city, a shop can be seen. Inside of the shop is a variety of items with some ranging prices. North of the shop is a hot dog stand which is the only place to get hot dogs and, if a certain task is completed, hot sauce too.

On the other side of the city, another shop is found. This shop isn't an actual shop, rather than a bar of sorts. Mario goes here to collect a special gift, this gift being the Super Hammer. Above this building a large billboard used to get on top of the hot dog stand. Once on top, Mario gets Yoshi Kid as his newest partner.

Glitz Pit

Glitz Pit

The Glitz Pit.

The Glitz Pit is located here, in this floating city. Inside of the Glitz Pit are many adoring fans of the fights that are taken place there. The Glitz Pit is a huge fighting arena in which travelers from all over duel in battles of skill and fighting prowess. The long-time champion of the Pit has gone missing and a new challenger, Rawk Hawk, has stepped forth. The stadium is owned by a mysterious Clubba who goes by the name of Grubba. Grubba owns and operates the facility as well as oversees all fights in the arena.


The Floating Town, Glitzville

The Floating Town Glitzville


  • Throughout the city, Mario can see many billboards of the teams in the Glitz Pit.
  • Mario is "The Great Gonzales" to the people of Glitzville.
  • Only the rich can gain access to the city, thus Goldbob, a Bob-omb who reappears during Chapter 6, is there.
  • This is the only place in this game where a telephone booth is located. By using the phone inside, Mario can get calls from Professor Frankly, a pizza place, Luigi, and many others.
  • Glitzville is the most urbanized city in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, despite the fact that, by size and population, it's one of the smallest.


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