Glamdozer is a large bug-like boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Her name comes from glamourous (since she appears beautiful) and dozer (since she is first seen sleeping when Mario reaches her). She is an adult Pupdozer who rules the species as a whole. She resides on a large green planet shaped like a circle. It has seven grates. Mario fights her at the Flipsville Galaxy.


She is a adult Pupdozer whose body is mostly red and face and bottom is yellow. She wears a crown and has a spike on her back, which protects her from above. She has a explosion emblem underneath her.


Glamdozer will try to ram into Mario, which can be dodged by using the panels to escape to the underside of the planet. When Glamdozer stands above the grate, Mario can ground pound his way through it and damage Glamdozer. When Glamdozer becomes enraged, she will attempt to fire lava bursts at Mario that can cover grates. After a few more attacks from below, Glamdozer will fall.


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