Giga Lakitu (or King Lakitu) is a giant Lakitu member of the Koopa Troop. He has the ability to throw Spinies and release thunderbolts from his purple cloud. He also has a purple shell, a crown, which explains him being a king of Lakitus, and a red and white ruff on his neck. He also wears glasses.


He is a large Lakitu who wears tiny glasses because of his small face. He wears a crown and has a purple shell. He rides in a purple cloud who has a angry smile and yellow eyes. He has a red and white ruff on his neck. When angered after two hits, he turns a shade of red-orange.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

Giga Lakitu appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a boss in the Yoshi Star Galaxy.

He attacks with Spinies and Mario must release Yoshi from a Yoshi Egg before starting the battle as Yoshi can spew Spinies back at Giga Lakitu to attack. Each hit makes Giga Lakitu throw more Spinies and at a quicker pace. After each two hits, Giga Lakitu makes a new attack; releasing a giant thunderbolt from his cloud and onto the ground, attempting to attack Mario and Yoshi. This attack instantly defeats Yoshi after a hit on him. When he is hit four times, he collapses and gives up the Power Star to Mario and Yoshi to collect.

Other ways of attacking is when Mario shoots Star Bits at him to stun him. He also laughs at Mario and Yoshi, leaving an open space to attack him.

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  • Giga Lakitu may be related to Lakithunder as both can release thunderbolts from their clouds.
  • Giga Lakitu's name is never mentioned in the game, being the only boss to not have his name mentioned.
  • Lakitu Kings from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story are similar to Giga Lakitu.
  • When Mario leaves the battle against Giga Lakitu, Giga Lakitu starts to fall asleep while waiting for Mario.
  • Sometimes after hitting Giga Lakitu and your standing near the edge of the arena, a glitch occurs which pushes you of the edge by nothing.