The Giant Spider is a mini-boss that appears in the game Donkey Kong 64. It is fought by Tiny Kong in Fungi Forest at night.


The Giant Spider is a very large spider that is purple in color and has six legs. Its most notable feature is its single eye.


The Giant Spider is located in a shed where Tiny must enter at night in order to fight it (there is webbing blocking the way during the daytime but disappears at night). The Giant Spider wakes up noticing Tiny and fights her. However, it is soon defeated and Tiny receives a Golden Banana as a reward.


In battle, the Giant Spider only has two attacks. It's first one is summoning smaller spiders to fight Tiny while the Giant Spider itself hangs over the battlefield sleeping. It's second attack involves spitting a substance at Tiny that can slow her down allowing her to get attacked by the smaller spiders.


In order to win this fight, Tiny must defeat all of the smaller spiders in the area first. This will cause the Giant Spider to wake up in anger allowing Tiny to shoot it in the eye with her Feather Bow. Tiny must do this three times in order to defeat the Giant Spider.


  • Despite being an arachnid, the Giant Spider has six legs instead of eight.
  • It is unknown if the Giant Spider is male or female as it's appearance is male but can produce smaller spiders like females.