Giant Luigi is a character and a protagonist in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


He first appeared when the battle started with Robo-Drilldigger, affecting his hat symbol to shine and Starlow should touch the "L" on his cap to start the battle, when Starlow touches the "L" on the cap, the Luiginaries start to gather on Luigi and enlarges him.


His personality is similar to Luigi, when he starts the battle, he gets pins and needles, however, he was confident battling with Giant Bowser. He is even strong when very huge.


Type Attack Description Effects
Jump Jump Charge up for extra oomph! The player must slide upwards on the Touch Screen upon Dreamy Luigi having charged up power to stomp the enemy, where the player can slide upwards again to deal maximum damage with a bonus jump to the enemy.
Hammer Hammer Chop Slide fast for a harder hit! (Slap foes to the background!) The player must slide across the Touch Screen quickly in order to deal maximum damage with a horizontal hammer swing.
Hammer Uppercut (Unlocked in 2nd Giant Battle) Slide fast for a harder hit! (Smack the foe backwards!) The player must slide upwards on the Touch Screen quickly in order to deal maximum damage with a vertical hammer swing.
Bros. Attack Rhythm Mushroom Attack in tandem with Mario! (Touch Mushrooms to heal up!) The player must tap in time to Mario's mushroom throwing. Eating a mushroom successfully heals Dreamy Luigi a bit. Once the move is completed, Mario tires and is unable to act in the next few turns.
Drill Stomp (Unlocked in 2nd Giant Battle) Attack in tandem with Mario! (Spin more for a super stomp!) The player must rapidly slide their stylus in circles either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on the prompt on the Touch Screen as Mario and Dreamy Luigi stomp the enemy after each of the (maximum of three) spins.
Final Attack Finishing Bros. Aim with the 3DS! Dreamy Luigi jumps (after the player slides the stylus upwards) into space where he grabs a Star for Mario to ride on and throws it towards the boss, Mario directing to its weak point. The player needs to aim the star by tilting the 3DS. Missing the weak point causes a "OK!" attack. Getting a direct hit will get "Excellent!" with an action replay.
Star Driver (Exclusive to Final Giant Battle) Control the star to attack! Similar to the Finishing Bros. attack, Dreamy Luigi grabs a star. However, Prince Dreambert powers up the star, making it grow to larger proportions. Mario then rides the star like before, and if the player is successful in avoiding incoming fireballs, the attack is also successful. This is only available after using Finishing Bros. on Giant Bowser.



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