"Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoooooo... A horrible fate awaits you."
― Ghost T.

Ghost T. is a deceased Toad who appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door aboard the Excess Express. He resides in Cabin 004 and lives between this life and beyond. He died on the train many years before the game took place.


The conductor of the Excess Express is missing a blanket, so he asks Mario to find one. To complete this, Mario must go to Cabin 004 and use Vivian's Veil for a few seconds to make Ghost T. appear. Ghost T. asks Mario to find his Diary and to NOT read it, or he will have a horrible fate. Mario finds the Diary in the baggage area and returns it to Ghost T. (Note: If Mario reads his Diary, he is repeatedly asked if he really wants to. If he answers "yes" on all three questions, he will read the Diary, Ghost T. will appear in the baggage area, curse Mario by spinning the game screen, and there will be a Game Over.) Ghost T. will grant Mario with a blanket to give to the train conductor. He will attempt to move on to the sky for the next life, but will decide to stay for a while longer on the train.

If Mario comes back to the Excess Express after this encounter, Ghost T. will appear again when Vivian does her Veil move.

Later on in the game, Ghost T. sends an e-mail to Mario. He does so by possessing the train conductor, since he cannot hold physical objects. He thanks Mario again for retrieving his diary and hopes to see him again.


"That's Ghost T. He's a pretty lighthearted for a ghost. But still... A ghost is a ghost!"


  • He never leaves the train once Mario encounters him.
  • His name is a pun on the word "ghosty."
  • Even though Ghost T. tells Mario that he cannot hold physical objects, it is unknown how he could hold his Diary.
  • It is unknown how he died but it has been hinted that he may have eaten a Poison Mushroom during his time alive.