The Genie of the Lamp replaces the Mushroom Genie in Mario Party 4.


He is larger and fatter than the Mushroom Genie. He has a deep voice and yellow skin. His cap resembles the lamp and he has a brown mustache. He wears a white vest, red bracelets, green pants with yellow stripes, a red sash and golden curly toed shoes resembling genie lamps. Along with a big belly with a large outie navel that has an orange star on it. The genie appears to the player character when they use the Genie Lamp. The player character is shocked to see the large genie. His hands are seen drumming his big belly. Instead of giving the player character a ride on his back, he jumps high in the sky and lands on the ground hard making a huge rumble and making his big belly jiggle as the player character flies out edging to the Star.


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