The Genie Lamp (or Magic Lamp) is an item in the Mario Party series. It made its debut in Mario Party 2 and latest appearance in Mario Party: The Top 100. Its effects is equivalent to the Flutter Orb from Mario Party 7 and the Star Pipe from Mario Party DS.


Mario Party 2/Mario Party 3

When the item is used, the Mushroom Genie summons out of the Genie Lamp and he takes the player to the board host (where the Star can be claimed.

Mario Party 4

When the item is used, the player find itself in a blank background, shocked to see the Genie of the Lamp replacing the Mushroom Genie. The Genie of the Lamp jumps high which the player is flown to where the Star is.

Mario Party: The Top 100

Neither of the two genies appear in the game but the player is veiled by a puff of smoke that sends them to the Star Balloon.

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