Not to be confused with General Guy.

General White is a Bob-omb who appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He was first seen in Petalburg along with many other Koopas, Toads, and Bub-ulbs. As a leader of the Bob-ombs, General White remains as a rare type of Bob-omb because of his white color. His actual home is in Fahr Outpost with other Bob-ombs.


General White is first seen in Petalburg during the first visit there where he is enjoying the view. However, his role becomes important when Mario needs him to activate the cannon needed to get to The Moon. Mario remembers seeing General White in Petalburg so he first heads there. However, General White is gone and a nearby Koopa tells Mario that he went to an southern island. Knowing this, Mario heads for Keelhaul Key to find General White. However, General White isn't there either and Pa-Patch tells Mario that General White went to an arena. Mario takes the blimp to Glitzville to learn that General White, once again, isn't there. The juice bar manager tells Mario that General White went to see a giant tree so Mario heads for The Great Tree. However, a Puni tells Mario that General White just left and mentioned going somewhere dark. Mario then heads for Twilight Town where one of the residents says that General White looked tired and left somewhere. Mario then heads back to Fahr Outpost to tell the mayor that they couldn't find him. However, in the background, General White can be see heading inside of his house to sleep. Mario follows him inside but the General is sleeping. After numerous of jumps, Mario finally wakes up General White and General White reveals that he was looking everywhere for Mario. Excited to hear that Mario wants to activate the cannon, General White gathers all of his troops and activates the giant cannon.


"That's General White, the Bob-omb. I guess white Bob-ombs are pretty rare. He has a cool mustache, too. He might even give your lip fuzz a run for its money!"