"Ho ho ho ho ho ho!! I pity you, sir!! It's time you paid, Mario! Attaaaaaaaack!"
― General Guy

General Guy is the presumed leader of the Shy Guy race and one of Bowser's high ranking minions. His first appearance is in Paper Mario. He serves as the boss for World 4, Shy Guy Toy Box.


In Paper Mario, Bowser hires General Guy to guard the fourth Star Spirit. The General protects that star by hiding it deep in the Shy Guy's Toy Box and creates elaborate traps to keep Mario away.


He summons different kinds of Shy Guys to fight for him. He first calls Stilt Guys and Shy Stacks to fight and will begin fighting once they are defeated.


General Guy has a few methods of attacks that include:

  • Shy Guy Call: General Guy calls forth a bunch of Shy Guys (Shy Guy Stacks and Stilt Guys) before he even battles himself. The Shy Guy Squad must be taken down in order to face General Guy himself.
  • Bomb Toss: This is General Guy's main attack. General Guy throws bombs dealing three points of damage for each hit. Pretty easy move to guard against.
  • Light Bulb Bolt Attack: This is General Guy's strongest attack. The light bulb on General Guy's tank sends a bolt of electricity attacking both Mario and his partner. NOTE: This attack does not hurt Watt at all making her extremely useful in taking it out. The Light Bulb should be destroyed first to make the fight easier.


Start by using FP saving attacks like normal jumps to take out the pack of Shy Guys one by one (having a Shooting Star or Thunder Rage items helps) until Mario reaches General Guy himself. Having Watt for this fight is a must as her Electro Dash can pierce the defense of General Guy's tank (having Watt powered up helps even more). What Mario should focus on the light bulb on the back of General Guy's tank. If Mario does not take it out, then it will do a nasty five damage to both Mario and his partner (Watt, however, is not affected by the lightning attack). Have Mario use Power Jump and Watt to use her Electro Dash to take out the light bulb in one turn then focus on General Guy himself. Fortunately, General Guy does not have any more tricks other than throwing bombs that deal three damage each. Mario should Power Jump and Electro Dash to defeat General Guy for good.


  • It should be noted that General Guy is the only boss in Paper Mario that cannot be damaged directly. Mario only damages and destroys his tank to win the battle.
  • General Guy makes a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.