Gecko are enemies that appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are stronger versions of Geckits and appear at Star Hill.


In battle, Geckos are much tougher than their weaker Geckit relatives as they are not confused in battle. They are also capable of using strong spells like Venom Drool and can also use Sleep Sauce to put one of Mario's party to sleep. Geckos are the only enemies in the game to use the move Fun & Run where it attacks one of Mario's party then runs from battle.


Geckos are weak to Fire so Mario's Super Flame will work well against them. However, given Geckos have more spells than Geckits, their stats are lower meaning they should go down to just physical attacks.

Special Attacks


  • Oddly, Geckos can talk normally in English due to their Psychopath thought while Geckits act as they cannot speak in normal language.
  • The Geckos and Geckits are a pun of Mario and Luigi due to their colors.