Gargantuan Grotto is the seventh level of World Star in the game Super Mario 3D World.


As the name suggests, everything in the level is huge. Mega Mushrooms are important for the majority of the level.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Pink blobs are "Hiding" the star behind an area after the first mega mushroom section before the checkpoint
  • Green Star 2: Using the mega mushroom at the end of the water section, ride the air flow to break the blocks hiding the star
  • Green Star 3: Right after the second green star, swim into the roof of the room with the pipe that doesn't have the false celling. Complete the blue coin challenge for the star.

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Gargantuan Grotto Stamp.png

It's at the start of the level, being trapped and enclosed by some Mega Blocks. A Mega Mushroom is required to reach this Stamp.