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"This is an ammo depot, not a GARBAGE DUMP!"
Garbage Gearmo to Mario, Super Mario Galaxy

The Garbage Gearmo is a Gearmo who appears in the Super Mario Galaxy series. He serves as a janitor and trash-transporter.


Personality traits

The Garbage Gearmo has care for the true purpose of an Ammunition Depot, and expresses his rage over the lack of respect of the place through a rant when Mario visits him. The Garbage Gearmo is eager to accept one's aid in clearing the trash, and is quick to express his thanks.

Physical Appearance

The Garbage Gearmo resembles a typical Gearmo. He carries a trash-attracting magnet. His colour actually differs depending on where Mario meets him. His colour in the Battlerock Galaxy is pink. In the Dreadnought Galaxy, he is green instead.


Super Mario Galaxy

The Garbage Gearmo first appears in the Battlerock Galaxy. He is seen on the Battlerock's Ammunition Depot. The Garbage Gearmo goes on his typical rant when Mario makes his way to the Ammunition Depot and talks to him, raging over how an Ammunition Depot should not hold trash like a Garbage Dump would. However, the Garbage Gearmo regains his composure and offers if Mario can blow up the trash. Mario does so with Bombs, and the Garbage Gearmo awards him with a Power Star.

The Garbage Gearmo later appears in the Dreadnought Galaxy. He gives the same offer, though he is now green and the Dreadnought's Ammunition Depot has even more trash. Again Mario can obtain a Power Star upon bombing the trash.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Garbage Gearmo returns in the Rightside Down and Upside Dizzy Galaxies. He now offers that Mario burns up the trash with his Fire Power-up. Again, the Garbage Gearmo offers a Power Star once the trash crates are destroyed. He retains his pink coloring from when he was stationed in the Battlerock Galaxy.