Gap of Crag is a location in Super Paper Mario. It is located within the Land of the Cragnons and serves as the main setting of Chapter 5-2.


Chapter 5-2: Pixls, Tablets, and Crag

The heroes follow the Floro Sapiens that kidnapped the Cragnons to the Gap of Crag. Unfortunately for the heroes, the Floro Sapiens escaped underground and the warp pipe they went down in is blocked by a giant yellow block. Eventually, the heroes must then search for the three tablets and place them in the correct order in order to proceed further. Eventually, the heroes run into O'Chunks again and Dimentio is with him as well. Dimentio transports everyone to Dimension D where the heroes fight and defeat O' Chunks. O' Chunks is saddened by his failure but Dimentio offers to help him out this time and the two of them leave. The heroes resume their search for the tablets and eventually find all three of them. Upon placing them in the correct order, the Pixl Cudge appears and the heroes are able to use the hammer! They hammer away the giant yellow block and are finally able to enter the underground territory of the Floro Sapiens known as Floro Caverns.



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