Game Guy's Roulette is one of the few Game Guy mini-games that make appearances in Mario Party 3.


To play the mini-game in the Party Mode you must land on a Game Guy space. This could then be one of the many types of games that could appear.

In this mini-game, the player has a chance to multiply his/her winnings by betting on a corresponding character. There are six different characters on the wheel: Koopa, Bob-omb, Goomba, Boo, Toad, and Shy Guy. Each of the characters have a different pay out. Koopa doubles the bet, Bob-omb quadruples the bet, Goomba will multiply it by 8, Boo will multiply the bet by 16, Toad will multiply the bet by 32, and Shy Guy will multiply your bet by 64.

Once your bet is made, then Game Guy will spin the shell that is attached to the wheel for a few seconds. Once the shell is spinning, it all comes down to luck so cross your fingers when you have the time. If the shell stops on the one you bet, then you win the entire bet times the picture's multiplier. But if it stops on anything else but the one you bet, then you'll lose all of your coins.


  • N64 Stick - Move cursor
  • N64 A - Select choice
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