The Game Boy Color is the successor to the Game Boy. It has a similar shape as the Game Boy, but it is lighter and capable of showing multiple colors. It had the shortest lifetime of a Nintendo handheld, as it was discontinued in 2003. It is 8-bit, like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.

The Game Boy Color itself had Wario Land II as a launch title in Japan and Game & Watch Gallery 2 worldwide.

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: Z80
  • CPU Speed: 8; MHz
  • RAM: 16 Kbyte
  • Maximum Resolution: 160 x 144 pixels
  • Colors: 32,000
  • Maximum number of colors: 56
  • Maximum sprite size: 8 x 16
  • Maximum number of sprites: 40 sprites
  • Minimum/Maximum cart size: 256Kbit - 16Mbit
  • Sound: 4 channel

Mario-related games for the Game Boy Color