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Galeem, also known as the Lord of Light and the Ultimate Enemy, is one of the two main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Adventure Mode: World of Light. He is a deity-like monster who wishes to conquer the Smash universe. His brother (and dark-counterpart) is Dharkon.


Physical description

Galeem resembles a golden sphere. Large wings orbit his body, their colour varying through red, yellow, green, and blue.

Powers and abilities

Galeem has powers related to light. His wings can pierce downards and drill through the floor. Another is the deadly Lens Flare. His piercing beam allows him to fold the wings into a sword that stabs or slices through opponents. He can also create X-bombs that shoot beams vertically and horizontally.


Galeem makes his first appearance in the introduction of adventure mode, with an army of Master Hands. Fox McCloud tells everyone not to let a single one get away, while Marth claims that they would need to each take down about 10 (This is the only time in the game he speaks English all the time.), while Princess Zelda demands that Marth stows his fear, and Pit claims that the gang will win.

However, Shulk realizes in a vision he sees that Galeem set them up, but as Shulk turns to warn his friends, Galeem turns into a black orb. The Master Hand dissolve and their power goes into him, and he lashes out with powerful energy. Kirby manages to escape the onslaught, but everyone else is captured.

Kirby frees and rallies the other fighters. Galeem fights with his might and may, but the heroes defeat the Lord of Light. However, Dharkon, the Lord of Darkness, suddenly pops out of a hole and chases him off. After he makes his entrance, the Lord of Darkness creates a World of Dark. The gang enters the desolate realm, freeing captive fighters there, and beat him, though. Having regained some of the power he lost, Galeem chases Dharkon through a portal.

The gods fight over dominance as their former captives come in. Galeem and Dharkon are irate at this, but continue to fight.

Despite their godlike power, Galeem and Dharkon fall. The fighters are now left to rebuild in the World of Light.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Battle Patterns

Galeem is immune to damage that gets applied to his wings. The only way to damage him during his boss fights would be to hit his core. He has the following attacks:

  • Cross Bombs: Galeem creates some explosives that behave like X-bombs. These can be destroyed before their detonation and deal aura damage.
  • Drill Pierce: Galeem folds his wings to create some drill-like objects that drill downward, spiking airborne targets.
  • Heat Seeker: Galeem creates a fireball that chases the player.
  • Beam Net: Galeem creates several laser beams that flare, damaging anyone who gets struck.
  • Lens Flare: Galeem creates two orbs that flare, launching light outwards.
  • Mirror Image: Galeem creates several false characters that resemble cyan silhouettes. Fighters that were trapped in the dark realm have no Mirror Image of their own.
  • Giant Optic Orb: Galeem creates a giant ball of light that splits and chases the player.
  • Radiant Photonic Wave: Galeem vanishes and covers the screen with waves that have a safe spot in between.
  • Piercing Beam: If Dharkon gets dizzy, Galeem will morph his wings to form a giant sphere that impales Dharkon's core, dealing damage. Getting too close to Galeem subjects characters to his spear, so keep your distance.
  • Tri-Eye Attack: Galeem splits his core to launch fireballs towards his opponent. These can be reflected and absorbed.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: Kīra (From Kira Kira (an onomatopoeia that refers to glittering.)
  • Spanish: Lúmina (from the Latin Luminus; first declension (genitive Lumines))
  • French: Kilaire (From Luminaire (luminous, bright) and his Japanese name.)
  • Italian: Kiáran (From Kira and Italian Chiaro (bright); third declension (genitive Kiaránus))
  • Russian: Siyan (From Russian Siyat (to shine))
  • Korean: Ki-ra (From his Japanese name.)


  • Galeem slightly resembles a seraph. His close resemblance to such a being fits him due to his acts at the beginning of the game. Seraphim are supposed to signal doomsday.
    • His representation of light is ironic barring this, considering he is evil.


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